May 20, 2019
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Bahrain Superbike Championship Rider Gear up for BSBK – Round 5

March 15, 2017

Actions resumed last March 10 and 11 at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) for Bahrain Superbike Championship Round 5. The 2-day race event featured BSBK riders taken their actions to the tarmac.


The race was set-up in two days -March 10 and 11, allowing for more confident and prepared riders on track. A free-practice and qualifying was held on the Friday, March 10 and Race1 and 2 on the following day. Spectators and fans got their chance to witness the pit activities, race proper, and podium ceremony from morning until afternoon.




Mishael Al Neami won 1st place on both race 1 and race 2 and which brought his tally to 9 wins since the BSBK season 2 began.


In Race 1, AlNeami finished the 11 laps by 12:35.135 12. Mike “Spike” Edwards (+5.213) was a distant runner-up while Ahmed Almuyini (+8.856) rounded out the podium placers. Al Alshammari gets the 4th place, Wesley Pearce (5th), Naser Hussain (6th), Fahad AlGharabally (7th) and Fadi Bakhos (8th) are riders who completed the 11 laps.


In race two, AlNeami continued his dominance and headed the pack in 12:39.143. Ahmed Almuyini followed him with 4.270 minutes gap and was very close with Mike “Spike” Edwards at 12:44.067. Fahad AlSowaidi 4th, Ali AlShammari 5th, Wesley Pearce 6th, Salman Khalaf 7th, and Naser Hussain completed the top 8 of the race 2.