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Bahrain Superbike Championship Final Round Highlights

April 25, 2017

A top class Bahrain based motorcycle event, Bahrain Superbike Championship BSBK has ended its second season on Friday, April 21 with the Final Round held at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).


Mashal AlNaimi (QAT) clinched the championship by winning 11 out-of-12 Races during the season who finished 2nd in one of the Races. AlNaimi has been crowned BSBK champion is Round 5 as he managed to secure it by accumulating his precious championship points making it his 2nd BSBK Title.


In race one, AlNaimi crossed the finish line in 12:35.314, he won against Mike “Spike” Edwards (UK) with 5.674 seconds gap. Ahmed Almuyini (SAR) made to finished the 11 laps with 8.665s gad leading him to the 3rd podium.


Riders who completed the top 8 with 11 laps were Fahad AlSowaidi (QAT) +15.304s, Ali AlShammari (QAT) +28.110s, Salman Khalaf (BAH) +36.737s, Fahad AlGharabally (KW) +43.168s, Fadi Bakhos (LEB) +48.202.


AlNeami continued his dominance in race two which he smoothly finished in 12:38.702. Almuyini was second place with +8.218s gap while Edwards third in +11.300s. AlSowaidi, entered in 4th(+14.325s) and AlShammari was 5th (+25.141), while Khalaf (+29.574), AlGharabally (+33.770) and Carl Steven (+34.477) among the top eight riders.


Mike “Spike” Edwards (UK) is very consistent through out the season as he tried to accumulate enough points to keep his runner up spot and resulted to being the 2nd Overall Champion.


Ahmed Almuyini (KSA) took the 3rd place position from Fahad AlSowaidi (QAT). Both riders had been podium winners of the previous Rounds and both battled to accumulate points. Final round was the crucial ending part for both to gain points but in the end, Almuyini had gained 173 points and AlSowaidi accumulated 166.


The final round ended up with the podium ceremony and winners were awarded with trophies.

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